Chanalai Resort & Hotel

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 Welcome to Chanalai Resort & Hotel
       A brand new modern style resort and hotel of Sri Satchanalai, where you can relax and indulge into the exquisite of the second-most important town of the Sukhothai kingdom during its a glory day. One of the region where’s sources of national heritage and civilization. A place you can find the traces of prosperity, the traditional, and the ancient remains from the Golden era which is still magnificent.

       Chanalai Resort and Hotel is locate not far away from the main sights of Sri Satchanalai and Sukhothai such as Sri Satchanalai Historical Park and Sukhothai Historical Park (part of UNESCO world heritage site), Srisatchanalai National Park or any other sights of Sukhothai and also can reach to Sukhothai Airport by easily. Thus, Chanalai Resort and Hotel is one of your non-stop destination for a quality hotel accommodations where is perfect for your unparalleled relaxation in Sukhothai.